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Meet Anh Thai, a singer-songwriter whose musical journey is a delightful blend of her Vietnamese roots and the vibrant energy of Philadelphia, her beloved city. From her early teen years, Anh found joy in the harmonies of choir singing, a passion that continues to inspire her creative expression today.


Her songs are heartfelt conversations with a dear friend, Jesus. Rooted in honesty and sincerity, Anh's stripped-back music reflects her deep connection with the Lord. It was during her high school years that she penned her very first song, marking the beginning of her musical journey. Inspired by the authentic sounds of indie artists such as Jonathan Ogden, BELOVED, Taylor Armstrong, and Ri-An, Anh infuses her music with warmth and vulnerability. Through her heartfelt lyrics, she aims to create a welcoming space where listeners can connect with Jesus and embark on a journey of faith.


Beyond the spotlight, Anh finds joy in serving her local church and community through leading worship. To her, this is more than just a role—it's a lifestyle and response to the One who made her. With every strum of her guitar and every note she sings, Anh Thai invites people to experience the beauty of faith and the joy of connection. Through her music, she hopes to inspire hearts and souls, guiding them towards a deeper relationship with Jesus.

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