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Creatives’ is the brand name for periodic third-space Ripe Creatives events that take place in the Philadelphia region.  Nearly all of our Creatives’ events happen on Tuesday evenings. While we host a variety of different styled experiences, each of our Creatives’ events focus on helping artists grow/develop in their creative expressions & connect with other people who share the same passions. Make sure to follow @creativesphilly on Instagram for all of the latest updates & check our calendar tab on this website for upcoming dates.

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Our premier Creatives’ experience. Creatives’ Cafe is an intentionally designed cross-genre open mic & artist showcase event. The night typically features up to 5 incognito features and 5+ open-mic performers each performing one piece. We’ve hosted Creatives’ Cafes at HighPointe Performance Venue, The Gathering Place Philly, The Homestead Glenside & now at our current home base of the The Story Factory PHL.

Incognito Features have included Joy Ike, Odane Whilby, Dozzy Daniels, TJ Brown, Concepts, Ugly Stephen, Ashley Clarke, Peter Collins, Whitney Allen, The Dreamr, Doc Hero, Rick Harmoney, Flow, Toria Daisey, Mukamuri, Jon Bolds, Ambition The Poet, Brian Thomas, Unwanted, Ben Seltzer, Diomer, Namarah, Deuce B, Aable & more.


We launched our Creatives’ Concert series in the summer of 2020 on Instagram which featured an individual artist/band performing alongside of live-chat Q&A. In December of that same year we molded & moved the concept over to the Ripe Creatives Youtube channel and invested resources to professionally live-stream the experience from HighPointe Performance Venue. Since then we have hosted more than a half-dozen in person Creatives’ Concerts at various venues throughout Philadelphia.

Concert series artists have included aable, Sanovia, Joy Ike, Marcotte, Rick Harmoney, Namarah, Leah Wrenne, Rockstar JT, Matthew Schuler, Saeso, Peter Collins & Joel Ansett.



We launched the Creatives’ Gallery to create space to give visual artists a physical location for them to display and sell their work in the city of Philadelphia. Our first Creatives’ Gallery was hosted on March 8th, 2022 featuring a collection of paintings called “An Invitation to Wonder” by Marguerite Anglin at Highpointe Performance Venue.

Our second & third Creatives’ Galleries featured Roselyn Rodriguez & Devyn Dais individually. Both of our recent galleries were hosted at The Story Factory PHL.


We launched Creatives’ Pier in the summer of 2021 as an outdoor open-mic experience at Venice Island Performing Arts Center’s outdoor ampitheatre. Our relationship with Venice Island enabled us to schedule outdoor socially distanced open mic events for June, July & August of 2021.


After the success of the first summer, we have continued to take Creatives’ back to the “Pier” again in the warmer months.

Pier features have included artists Rashid Saint-Fleur, Diomer, Sergine, Professor Biz, & Matthew Schuler, WLDFRE, The DreamR, Phil Warda, Eves, C Lilley, Rick Harmoney, & Everso.



Creatives’ Live is a virtual open mic hosted through our Instagram @creativesphilly. It was our most consistent “event” during the Covid-19 quarantine lockdowns. Launched in March of 2020, we have hosted more than 75 Creatives’ Lives virtual events featuring more than 750 performances from artists all around the world. From March-May of 2020 we were able to give away more than $3,500 to artists & creatives who performed on the platform. 

Since moving back into live in-person events, we only host #CreativesLive periodically for special occasions.


Creatives’ Peak was our virtual multi-artist showcase hosted on the Ripe Creatives youtube channel. It brought our cross-genre Creatives’ Cafe experience to the safety of your own home during the covid-19 pandemic. Artists were pre-selected and each shared 7-10 minute “sneak-peaks” of their art to create the variety show feel our audiences have come to enjoy at Creatives’ Cafe. We hosted our Creatives’ Peak livestreams from our former home-base, Highpointe Performance Venue. You can check out the youtube channel to see all of our previous streams.

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Creatives’ Critique serves as a feedback platform for artists. The hope is for creatives to share their new content and receive firsthand constructive feedback & criticism before it is released to the public. We hosted our first two Creatives’ Critiques on zoom during the summer of 2020 featuring panelists such as Peace Ike, Jasmine Jana, The Dreamr & Ashley Clarke. We hope to host this concept in-person to assist artists & creatives with their live performances as well.


Creatives’ Connect serves as an intentional networking space to build connection and relationship between artists. Our goal is for a handful of our creative friends to design interactive activities, prompts & discussions for purpose of building fruitful connections. Think “mixer” for the artist.



Creatives’ Collab intentionally creates space for artists to meet, learn about each others passions/gifts and find someone in the room to begin a project with. Think “speed-dating” but for the artist, where the goal is grouping off to begin and carry a piece of art together to completion beyond the night of the event.

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