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Diomer Rodriguez is a hip-hop and pop artist originally from Santo Domingo, DR. Diomer (pronounced Dim-Ear) has been slinging raps since he was 16, although it wasn’t until college that hip-hop really blossomed into more than a hobby. Pursuing music has been his biggest  passion over the last five years. 


Growing up in the suburbs of Philly, Diomer thanks his friends for getting him hooked on hip-hop. They introduced him to the likes of 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Kanye West, and Bone Thugz while still in middle school. Once he transitioned into high school, he began to see friends start rapping and recording which lit a fire in him to do so as well. Diomer was in college chasing his dream to be a professional sprinter and receive higher education, but changed paths once he found a campus recording studio. He took an Intro to Studio course and the rest is history. 

Diomer’s eclectic arrangements shine with authenticity and depth, flowing across various styles of music. Whether it's a lo-fi hip-hop beat, pop sound or an aggressive trap beat, his music is a refreshing experience that combines transparency, imagery, and faith to bring hope to those who feel lost or who seek everlasting joy.


Diomer released his first EP Welcome!, in December 2017 which landed him a spot on the top 200 iTunes Hip-Hop charts. Along the way he has opened up for notable artists such as Jered Sanders and Loso. He’s also released collaborations with Jered Sanders (WORK FOR IT), Daramola (Nueve), and Shiwan (Wake Up).


“I’m influenced by my desire for people to know Jesus and rally people together to let loose and have fun.”

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