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Miss Spoken Poet, also known as Jayla, is a rising spoken word artist based in Maryland. Miss Spoken Poet discovered her profound love for writing early on but only ventured into performing towards the end of 2022. In just her first year on stage, she has won two poetry slam competitions at the renowned Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York City and featured at numerous venues in the DMV and Philly area.


With a style that is passionate, vulnerable, and heart-touching, Miss Spoken Poet aims to weave words that resonate deeply with her audience. Her inspiration stems from a sincere desire to inspire others, offering words as a source of encouragement and healing. Through her poetry, she seeks to mend the wounds of others and reconnect with her inner child. Anticipate the release of her first published poetry book soon, which will be a collection that promises to evoke emotions and spark introspection

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