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Roselyn Rodriguez, also known as Rosie, is a Philadelphia-based visual artist and live painter. With a specialization in portraiture, Rosie's work showcases her remarkable ability to capture the essence and emotion of her subjects through the medium of painting.

Rosie's artistic journey began during her formative years, in North Bergen, New Jersey, and then continued where she lived most of her life in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. She cultivated a deep appreciation for various forms of artistic expression. While pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Philadelphia, Rosie discovered a deeper purpose in her creativity, viewing it as a powerful tool for worship and spiritual reflection. This revelation led her to dedicate her artistic endeavors to the glory of her Creator, Jesus Christ, infusing her work with themes of faith, redemption, and divine beauty.

In addition to her specialization in painting, Rosie is proficient in a diverse range of mediums, including sculpture, traditional graphite illustrations, graphic design, and creating captivating murals. Her versatility allows her to explore different techniques and styles, ensuring that each piece and project serves its intended purpose with the Holy Spirit’s vision through her artistic interpretation.

As a valued member of Ripe Creatives, she regularly participates as a live painter for events, captivating audiences with her live demonstrations and immersive artistic experiences. She is a member of staff at CityReach Church where she regularly uses her artistry through means of graphic design and worship arts. In addition to her live painting experiences, she also sells prints of her artwork to support herself as an artist.

Through her art, Rosie aims to do more than simply create visually stunning pieces; she seeks to inspire, uplift, and ultimately, point others towards the source of her inspiration, Jesus Christ.

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