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WLDFRE is comprised of husband-wife team, Esteban and Priscilla Nieves. Much like the Psalms, WLDFRE’s songs tell of extreme doubt, loss, and redemption. Their heart for their listeners is to bring back the emotional depth of Jesus’ love for the world and show that he is faithful in all seasons of life.


Throughout their years as worship leaders and songwriters, WLDFRE has noticed that the

Christian music scene lacks the space for struggle and lament that inevitably happens during our short lifetimes. As a duo, God has given Esteban and Priscilla the mission to fill that void.


WLDFRE joined the Ripe Artists crew in March 2023. They perform as a duo and/or as a 4-5 Piece band and are also a part of the Ripe Worship Team. Esteban and Priscilla are also professional musicians and worship leaders at their local church.

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